Format Solutions Announces New Partnership with Panatrack

Format Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Panatrack . Panatrack is an independent software vendor that develops and sells software for tracking inventory, assets, and activities. Using data-capture technologies such as barcode, RFID, and mobile handheld computers, Format Solutions Feed Mill Manager customers can now track the transactions that are critical to efficient business operations.

PanatrackerGP Inventory module, a barcode solution integrating directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, was launched in 2005, and has become the solution of choice for companies that want to extend Dynamics GP with a warehouse management system (WMS). Because the Format Solutions product, Feed Mill Manager, is tightly integrated with Dynamics GP, this partnership enables Format Solutions’ customers enhanced workflow options for order picking and fulfillment.

Check out this short introductory video on the benefits of PanatrackerGP + FMM.

About Panatrack

Founded in 1996, Panatrack creates solutions to track inventory and assets using automated data capture technologies such as wireless, bar code, and RFID. Panatrack's flagship product, PanatrackerGP, adds powerful inventory capabilities to Microsoft's DynamicsGP ERP system. For more information, visit

About Format Solutions

Format Solutions, a Datacor company, is the leading global provider of formulation and operations management software to the animal feed and pet food industries. Our solutions allow customers the ability to optimize their operations, formulation, manufacturing and purchasing power to produce the highest quality feed at the lowest total cost. We combine over 45 years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for customers in more than 90 countries. We give you the power to optimize animal nutrition through a seamlessly connected software solution. For more information, visit

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