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Aquafeed is the fastest growing segment of the agriculture and animal feed manufacturing industries, and poses particular challenges in the way of feed quality, manufacturing processes, and product delivery requirements. Feed must remain physically stable in water for several hours as it makes its way to marine-based pond farms, and producing feed for aquatic species demands high precision to reduce particle sizes and mix together as many as four dozen ingredients.


Purpose-Built for the Aquafeed Industry

Navigate the marine aquaculture space with ease by taking advantage of Format Solutions technology to integrate aquafeed production systems for prime end products. Our software helps manufacturers manage the cultivation of fish, shellfish, and plants while considering ingredient volatility, aquafeed density, moisture control, and sustainability trends.

  • Centralize large volumes of feed data in a single hub to improve operational efficiency, transparency, and automation
  • Increase visibility and obtain complete control over feed operations with real-time insights for informed decision-making
  • Model business problems and proactively select the ideal combinations of available ingredients and suppliers for feed production
  • Navigate tight budgets, market price volatility, and supply chain disruption to optimize the cost of formulations, achieve higher feed margins, and increase profits
  • Integrate software and business processes to promote knowledge sharing and data reporting for better business insights, regulatory compliance, and less risk
  • Contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the seafood and marine plant production industry
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See how our software keeps you at the forefront of feed.

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