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Formulation Software

Design formulas and strategically react to changing circumstances using digital-first solutions designed specifically for animal nutrition applications. Gather and manage essential formulation data to evaluate ingredient sourcing scenarios, optimize recipes, and control costs to ensure optimal business and animal performance. Execute powerful analytics at every touchpoint throughout animal feed and petfood production to manage risk and finally take the guesswork out of formulation.

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Key Benefits

Design any recipe with confidence, manage crucial data, and execute comprehensive analytics all from a single platform. Our formulation software enables businesses like yours to maintain ingredient and formula specifications, optimize feed formulas for maximum profitability, and ensure formulas meet product design needs before sending them to the mill. Leverage a unified ingredient and product database to achieve deep visibility across supply chains.

  • Create new formulas, optimize ingredients, and meet all quality criteria for one product at a time or for a series with comprehensive optimization features
  • Incorporate formulation approval, quality control, and traceability processes to take the guesswork out of animal nutrition
  • Change constraints and costs, re-optimize, and compare current solutions with previous solutions or stored formulas to better predict outcomes
  • Manage each component of multi-stage products from a single graphic display to view costs and status at each stage of formulation
  • Project ingredient usage and manage shortage or over-supply of materials by optimizing resource usage and allocation
  • See ingredients via various processing or handling approaches and assess the cost benefits of introducing new ingredients into formulas
  • Coordinate across business systems using a flexible data structure with dynamic data hierarchy across standard datasets, local plants, and time periods
  • Keep stakeholders connected with reporting, integration, and data exchange tools to power informed decision-making and accelerated innovation
  • Obtain accurate visibility over inventory, product profitability, ingredient quality costs, and purchasing decisions
  • Maintain a centralized reference plant for current and historical ingredients and specification data comparisons with one-touch optimizations
  • Constrain nutrients and raw ingredients per product and evaluate an unlimited number of materials
  • Examine ingredient values, opportunity prices, and full price sensitivity and use on-screen parametrics for rapid exploration of alternative scenarios
  • Use comprehensive tool sets to manage calculations in program and eliminate use of external calculators

Key Features

Formula Optimization

Ingredient & Product Data Management

Ingredient Purchasing Evaluation

Resource Optimization


Quality Assurance

Legal Declaration & Labeling

Cost & Ingredient
Usage Analysis

Data Integrity

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See how our software keeps you at the forefront of feed.

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