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Premix production involves the complex management of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, medicated and non-medicated feed additives, and standard and custom concentrates. These are all packaged and shipped in meal or granular form for feed manufacturers to incorporate into their high-quality feed products. Software enables the organization and control of advanced nutritional premix concepts.


Purpose-Built for the Premix Industry

Low-inclusion mixes must be controlled with precision for end results that are well worth their high price tag. Obtain complete control over formulation and feed mill activities at multiple levels to manufacture products with intention using Format Solutions software.

  • Centralize large volumes of premix data in a single hub to improve operational efficiency, transparency, and automation
  • Increase visibility and obtain complete control over premix feed operations with real-time insights for informed decision-making
  • Model business problems and proactively select the ideal combinations of available ingredients and suppliers for feed production
  • Navigate tight budgets, market price volatility, and single supplier outages to optimize the cost of formulations, achieve higher feed margins, and increase profits
  • Fuel continuous improvement even amid price volatility of vitamins, trace elements, and additives to substitute ingredients and ship premixes to similar specifications
  • Integrate software and business processes to promote knowledge sharing and data reporting for better business insights, regulatory compliance, and less risk
  • Contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the livestock and poultry production industry
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