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Pet Food

Standard or disconnected formulation systems often complicate the difficult and time consuming pet food manufacturing process. Whether manufacturing dry kibbles, canned products, pouches, tubes, or treats, the only way to produce exceptional nutrition in a crowded market is by maintaining a centralized space for managing data, performing analytics, and optimizing both single and complex recipes.

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Purpose-Built for the Pet Food Industry

Easily create and manage cost-effective multi-component pet food formulations with software from Format Solutions for seamless quality and traceability management. Leverage integrated technology to build in all product considerations including nutrition, ingredient purchasing, resource usage and forecasting, recipe production, moisture management, legal, marketing, and more. Our software is designed to accommodate all types of pet food, from dry, wet, semi-moist, refrigerated, and dehydrated to raw-infused pet food, treats, and chews.

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  • Centralize large volumes of pet food data in a single hub to improve operational efficiency, transparency, and automation
  • Increase visibility and obtain complete control over pet food operations with real-time insights for informed decision-making
  • Model and optimize recipes by manufacturing stage with multiple shared sub-components across product mixes
  • Conduct trial runs and assess potential problems through virtual environments to research and develop new pet food products
  • Quickly and accurately adjust ingredients of base intermediates and finished good recipes to meet physical, nutrition, and cost target values
  • Manage pet food quality and traceability for better business insights, labeling, regulatory compliance, and less risk
  • Navigate tight budgets, market price volatility, and single supplier outages to optimize the cost of formulations, achieve higher feed margins, and increase profits

Ara Integra-Mix®

Create complex, precision pet food products with all necessary real-world constraints—from moisture management, production, marketing and compliance—to reflect their true structure and production process. Ara Integra-Mix® is a unique, award-winning solver that optimizes single products, groups of products sharing components, or all products as one global problem. Dynamically investigate the cost, nutrition and ingredient usage impact before arriving at your preferred solution.

  • Take advantage of all standard Ara® Formulation features, such as central data hierarchy, integrations and reporting, and organization by plant locations, work centers, and more
  • Visualize and manage complex products using the unique Product Designer with its drag-and-drop features
  • Identify component type and associated production stage using flexible categorization and color coding
  • Automatically forecast post-production nutrition during optimization and account for varying moisture change in each component at each production stage
  • Set marketing parameters, such as preferred ingredient order and claims, and manage legislation and compliance, legal declaration, approval processes, traceability, and auditing
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