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Animal nutrition plays a leading role in the global food industry, with animal feed being the largest and most important component in ensuring safe, abundant, and affordable animal proteins. Producing animal feed involves coordinating a complex matrix of physical resources, information, and activities across the business and with ingredient suppliers, customers, delivery logistics trucking, and other partners.

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Purpose-Built for the Feed Industry

Success in this field means delivering the right feed to the right animal at the right time—and the right price. Produce high-quality, cost-effective recipes during each stage of production by identifying the optimal cost combination of ingredients that fulfills specific nutrient requirements. Format Solutions offers software capable of managing complete feed, concentrates, supplements, minerals, and base mix products shipped in meal, crumble, pellet, mini-pellet, cake, cube, or extruded form and molasses based tubs.

  • Centralize large volumes of feed data in a single hub to improve operational efficiency, transparency, and automation
  • Increase visibility and obtain complete control over feed operations with real-time insights for informed decision-making
  • Model business problems and proactively select the ideal combinations of available ingredients and suppliers for feed production
  • Navigate tight budgets, market price volatility, and supply chain disruption to optimize the cost of formulations, achieve higher feed margins, and increase profits
  • Integrate software and business processes to promote knowledge sharing and data reporting for better business insights, regulatory compliance, and less risk
  • Contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the livestock and poultry production industry
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