Datacor + Format Solutions: What does this mean for our customers?

Everyone at Format Solutions is excited to be part of Datacor, Inc. and the main reason for this is the impact it will have on you, our customers. So, what should existing and prospective customers expect?

1. Investment in Products — Existing and New

Format Solutions is committed to maintaining and developing all existing brands, whilst accelerating innovation in new products and solutions to meet customer needs.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Leveraging the unrivaled industry experience and commitment of our teams, and backed up by Datacor’s investment, Format Solutions will develop and deliver enhanced customer services.

3. Safe Custody of Your Investment

Format Solutions is now part of a dedicated technology company with a successful track record and intimate knowledge of the needs of their customers. We remain committed to providing solutions for the animal feed and petfood industries.

4. Continuity and Progress

Format Solutions retains the same team, with their knowledge and commitment to service. As part of Datacor, Format will enhance that culture and benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas and skills across the organization.

5. New Opportunities

A renewed communication impetus will ensure new and existing customers are aware of the opportunities our solutions provide. The combination of Format Solutions and Datacor means that new products, services and solutions are now available to customers.

To learn more about what the future holds at Format Solutions, get in touch.